November 2023 Market Updates

Interest rates were steadily marching up and seem to have peaked on 10/23/23 at 7.79%. After the Feds decision to hold rates steady, mortgage rates have dropped to 7.44%. The consumer price index (CPI) maintained its 3.2% level which has allowed many analysts to forecast the Fed could keep rates paused until Spring 2024 and…Read More→

June Market Update – 37% Drop in Sales

My wife had a baby boy on 4/28. He weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces and came out healthy and kicking. Here is our toddler hanging out with the baby (pardon the mess, we need sleep). For Southern California, sales have slowed considerably since last year. Sales volume (number of homes sold) has dropped 37.4% year over year. As…Read More→